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The Sixth Annual Medicaid Innovations 2015 Forum offers a unique combination of forward-thinking perspectives including first-hand case studies and examples of true innovation from both Medicaid managed care plans and state government agencies. This event, which gathers hundreds of representatives from states, health plans, and solution providers in one room, goes beyond policy to explore the specific strategies these organizations are leveraging to improve quality of care, reduce costs, and position themselves for success in serving the rapidly expanding Medicaid population. Rich with panel discussions, and case studies the program also features industry veterans and experts who will showcase solutions and opportunities for transformation critical to Medicaid professionals today.

In the past six years, SSN's Medicaid Innovations Forum has convened 1400+ key decision makers who have been unanimous in their praise for the valuable insights and actionable solutions that have enabled them to gain a competitive advantage in delivering Medicaid excellence.

Our LinkedIn community, Medicaid Innovations, has over 4000 members and is a fantastic networking tool. Our goal is to create a comprehensive community beyond our live event so that those in the industry can stay connected year round.

Topics to be Addressed in 2015 include:

  • Understanding the emerging Medicaid populations and determining how to best reach and serve them
  • Evaluating the impact of Medicaid expansion on states and plans—examining metrics such as inpatient and ER utilization, readmissions, and access
  • Managing churn, eligibility and enrollment issues in Health Insurance Exchanges while ensuring continuity of care
  • Taking a modular approach to "breaking up MMIS" -- MITA, RCOs, Exchanges and other innovations
  • Supporting Medicaid delivery and payment system transformation through Federal waivers
  • Managing the enrollment of higher need populations in MCO's
  • Leveraging managed Long Term Services and Supports to expand Home and Community Based Services, promote community inclusion, ensure quality and increase efficiency
  • Developing a collaborative effort for reducing unnecessary ER utilization by Medicaid recipients and linking them to a regular source of care
  • Creating personalized care plans and new models to address behavioral health needs
  • Developing integrated Managed Care Models for serving dual eligibles
  • Ensuring effective discharge planning and coordinated outpatient followup to reduce Potentially Preventable Readmissions among Medicaid recipients
  • Implementing and sustaining a Patient Centered Medical Home initiative for Medicaid
  • Collaborating with multiple stakeholders to expand ACO models and drive improvements in quality, delivery and payment reform
  • Developing tools for Managing Provider Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Streamlining and upgrading Medicaid Eligibility Systems to ensure a simple and seamless enrollment experience
  • Leveraging big data and technology to drive process improvement in Medicaid
  • Merging Managed Care Compliance with quality improvement initiatives
  • Leveraging a combination of broad and targeted outreach and enrollment strategies to reach eligible families

"This conference never fails to deliver a compelling agenda with thought provoking sessions that highlight the importance of data and analytics in the Medicaid space, and particularly for driving program and payment integrity."
– Steve Erd, Director of Strategic Alliances, LexisNexis

"Great networking discussions. Mostly the speakers stayed around, which was wonderful. I really like the single sessions—no conflicts!"
— Melissa Moorehead, Senior Policy Analyst,
Michigan Public Health Institute

"Topics were in alignment with current trends and changes in the healthcare industry, especially Medicaid managed care."
— Lisa Truitt, Associate Director, Managed Care,
Department of Healthcare Finance

"A wide spectrum of issues and approaches.
Great selection of speakers."

— Michael Shepherd, Research Project Manager, Xerox Corporation

"Great opportunities to network with other states and
share experiences."

— Marceil Case, ACC Program Manager,
Colorado Health Care Policy and Financing

"Attendees can really network and engage in exchanging ideas and methodology. What a great opportunity!"
— Felecia Stovall, Project Manager, Department of Healthcare Finance

"Chock full of insightful and relevant content with truly valuable networking opportunities"
— Natasha Zimmerman, Director of Operations for Dual
Eligibility Outreach, Human Arc

"Great conference. Speakers share real world experiences about practical initiatives to transform Medicaid."
– Joe Miller, Director, AmeriHealth Mercy

"This was an excellent conference and I am looking forward to attending next year!"
– Felecia Stovall, Project Manager, D.C Department of Healthcare Finance

"Extremely timely topics! Info was relevant to my work at Priority Health."
– Sheila Putnam, Director of Care Management, Priority Health

"Medicaid Innovations was one of the best managed conferences I have attended. The presentations, conference facility, and supports were amazing. Definitely worth the trip!"
– Marceil Case, Manager, ACC Program, Colorado Medicaid

"Well thought out subject matter and good presenters. Lots of information and practical examples of innovation."
– Mark Santiago, Senior Vice President, Hudson Health Plan


2015 Speakers
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Vice President,
Sales and Marketing
Cody Consulting Group
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Managed Care Compliance
Department of Vermont
Health Access
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Chief Operating Officer
Shared Health
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Director of Operations &
Strategy for Community
Based Care
Neighborhood Health
Plan of Rhode Island
Medicaid Innovations Forum
MariChris, LLC
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Chief Technical Architect
CMA Consulting
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Program Manager, Diamond
State Health Plan, DSHP Plus,
Division of Medicaid and
Medical Assistance
Delaware Health and Social Services
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Managing Editor
Mostly Medicaid
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Deputy Director of
Medical Services
South Carolina
Department of Health and
Human Services
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Program Manager,
Primary Care
Idaho Department of
Health & Welfare
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Linda Hamacher, President &
CEO, Genesee Health Plan of Michigan
                  Senior Consultant, Health
                  Management Associates
Medicaid Innovations Forum
President and CEO
Arkansas Foundation
for Medical Care
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Senior Director,
Health Policy and Strategy
University of Illinois
Hospital and Health
Sciences System
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Commissioner, Department
for Medicaid Services,
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Cabinet for Health and
Family Services
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Manager of Eligibility and Enrollment
Connect For Health
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Assistant Commissioner
of Health Care
Minnesota Department
of Human Services
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Business Development
Neighborhood Health Plan
of Rhode Island
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Program Director – Health
Technology Assessment
Washington State Health
Care Authority
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Medical Director
Western Oregon
Advanced Health
Medicaid Innovations Forum
President and CEO
Medicaid Health Plans
of America
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Director, Medicaid
Blue Cross Blue
Shield of Idaho
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Director of Policy
and Innovation
State of Rhode Island,
Executive Office of Health
and Human Services
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Managing Director
Strategic Health Group LLC
Medicaid Innovations Forum
President and CEO
BlueCare Tennessee
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Health Policy Matters
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Sheila Putnam,
Care Management—Medicaid
Priority Health
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Government Programs
Optima Health
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Director of Quality
Assurance and Research
Project Leader
Hayes, Inc.
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Managing Medical Director
Anthem Blue Cross
& Blue Shield, Indiana
Medicaid Plan
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Vice President of Health Care Management Services
Anthem Hoosier Healthwise
& Healthy Indiana Plan
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Senior Vice President
Health Services
Sunshine Health
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Executive Vice President,
Business Development and
Client Relations
Human Arc
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Vice President,
Public Affairs
MTM Inc.
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Chief Medical Officer
Monroe Plan for Medical
Medicaid Innovations Forum
National Vice President,
Clinical Product Development
Magellan Complete Care
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Director, Compliance
Cody Consulting Services
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Director, Office of Medicaid
Coordination and Health
System Innovation
Georgia Department of
Behavioral Health and
Developmental Disabilities
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Ultimate Health Plans
Medicaid Innovations Forum
Principal and Consulting
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