Medicaid Innovations Forum

"This conference never fails to deliver a compelling agenda with thought provoking sessions that highlight the importance of data and analytics in the Medicaid space, and particularly for driving program and payment integrity."

– Steve Erd, Director of Strategic Alliances

“The conference represents a great balance of MCO’s, states and the companies that support those services—closing the loop on all involved in delivering Medicaid services—our common goal.”

– Sandy Kasprzak, Vice President, Assura Technology

“This conference provides invaluable information to keep leaders in the delivery of Medicaid prepare for the future. Through presentations and networking with true innovators, this conference gives you actionable takeaways that can be used in real applications.”

– Cheryl Slagle, Vice President, Clinical Operations, CareSource

“This was very well presented! The hosts were fabulous and exuded lots of enthusiasm. I would highly recommend attendance and look forward to returning next year.”

– Linda Walker, Program Analyst, D.C. Department of Healthcare Finance

“Awesome event! Well organized.”

– Rajendra Kadam, Director, IT, Molina Healthcare Inc.

“The sessions were informative, relevant, thought provoking. Speakers actually stayed rather than “present and run”, giving attendees time to interact on a very personal level.”

– Lisa Miller, CIO, XeoHealth

“I had an amazing experience at the conference. So much great, timely info packed in a few days! Looking forward to 2014.”

– Sean Gracey, Associate Consultant, Government, Health Strategies Group

“Excellent conference and loved the variety of topics! Hope to be back next year.”

– Karen Baldwin, Director of Managed Care, Byram Healthcare

“Great experience…opened my thoughts to various new ideas.”

– Jason Packo, Business Development Manager, The Experts

“Stellar conference.”

– Marie Penkake, Senior Product Manager, Express Scripts

“Excellent presenters, relevant and well researched content. Conference one of the best I have attended in the USA.”

– Wimpie Du Plessis, CEO, XeoHealth

“Good conference. Lots of excellent information. Well organized and easy to navigate.”

– Ben Bledsoe, President/CEO, Consumer Direct

“The program is short and packed with useful information.  If you are involved in Medicaid, you need to attend this conference!”

– Alex Yei, Manager, AdvanceMed

“Intense, excellent learning experience providing needed information to assist us in ACA strategic planning.”

Joan Shefforgen, CEO, PrimeCare Community Health

“Very innovative conference that touched on all aspects of the Medicaid healthcare delivery system from eligibility determination to overpayment/fraud recovery efforts.”

– Kevin Jones, Medicare/Medicaid Project Manager, AdvanceMed

“This is my third year attending the Medicaid Innovations Conference and it keeps getting better.  Great content and great opportunity to network and make connections.”

– Jill Spencer, EVP, HumanArc

“Great conference for Medicaid health plans.”

– Chrissy Fowler, Deputy Director, CMS Division of Error Rate Measurement

“Conference was informative.  It provided different perspectives on how Medicaid functions in different states.”

– Tabitha Garcia, Sales & Marketing, UnitedHealthCare

“This conference is a good way to combine private and government partnerships to brainstorm for new ways to solve healthcare issues.”

– Robin Raveendran, Chief Program Administrator, Arkansas Medicaid

“Excellent conference with very strong speakers.”

–Brian Felhaber, VP Sales & Marketing, Summit Reinsurance Services

“I like the single session approach so you don't miss any of the topics.  Well organized.”

– Karen McGrath, Senior Public Service Administrator, State of Illinois

“Strategic Solutions Network understands that many key people in the Medicaid industry are tired of the status quo and are hungry for fresh ideas and information.”

– Holly R. Smith, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Optimetra

“Thank you for putting together an inaugural Medicaid Innovations group. I walked away with at least 8 ideas that I can apply and am looking forward to sharing with my executive team on Friday. It was also a pleasure to present to such an engaged group. I appreciate that you reached out to me and provided Colorado Access with an opportunity to share their project with the rest of the Medicaid world.”

– April Abrahamson, Executive Director, Medicaid, Colorado Access

“You guys did a terrific job.”

– Matthew Mellor, Founding Partner, Strenuus

“Working with SSN goes far beyond what one would typically expect from a conference sponsorship. SSN works with us in true partnership in achieving our sales and marketing goals. The servicing began far in advance of the conference and continues still, months after the event.

They worked with us prior to the event to help us craft the best content for our session and to ensure they were confirming attendees that matched our target demographic. They worked with us to ensure we had a significant client representation on site.

We received contact information for the attendees prior to the event and SSN facilitated regular communication within their online community so that onsite, all attendees seemed to already know each other. Since the event ran, SSN has continued to facilitate interaction between Optimetra and event speakers, attendees and sponsors on a regular basis.

The event content and speakers were also excellent, with leading-edge content addressed by true experts. The quality and level of attendees were also outstanding. The benefits we have received from partnering with SSN has been truly valuable. We look forward to a long partnership with SSN and would highly recommend them to all of our business partners and to anyone considering working with them”

– Nancy Borah, Vice President, Optimetra

“I thought the event and our panel dicussion were very valuable. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

– Jim Frogue, Vice President and Director of State Policy, The Gingrich Group/Center for Health Transformation

“I learned a lot and made some great connections.”

– David Jacobson, Staff Vice President of Business Development, Wellpoint

“I truly loved the conference last year. The speakers and presentations were sharp, informative and provided innovative cost effective solutions that could be implemented easily by organizations. The material provided served as a resource to reference when I was describing (enthusiastically) all that I heard and learned to my senior management.

I look forward to this year's conference.”

– Rhonda Morris, Marketing Director, Affinity Health Plan


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Medicaid Innovations Forum

 Medicaid Innovations Forum

 Medicaid Innovations Forum


Medicaid Innovations Forum
Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum


Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum
Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum

Medicaid Innovations Forum